The Rock

I am an artist by God’ design and not a writer, so blogging  is a little different for me, but, I  am praying that the Lord will  help and trusting that he will.

I have a very unique post for you today, I’m going to put a picture up but not just any picture. This picture will increase your faith and amaze you at the same time. Tell your friends about it and bless them, this picture is for all. The scripture I put on this is: Psa.18:2  (The Lord is my Rock)  I found this rock on the very rocky shores of upper Michigan. I was slowly walking along the beach and among the  millions of small rocks on the shore I spotted a completely flat rock (the back of the rock is perfectly flat) and picked it up. Later when I checked out my rock I was astounded to find the image on the opposite  side.  As I view the rock I see a baby bootie shape and an image of the Lord.

The rock is 2″ high and the baby bootie shape tells you of His birth and which way is the right way to view the rock. Because I paint by the Holy Spirit this rock with its image is a very valued gift to me . I pray you will be blessed by it too.   2 Sam. 22:2




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